It’s an unseasonably cool Friday morning in one of Tampa, Florida’s local coffee shops. The herringbone tiled floor is reflecting a glow of natural light against the subway tiled wall, and white marble topped coffee bar. A patron we can refer to as @benthefoodie checks in to his 3,000 followers on Facebook after he posts a selfie showing his 987,000 instagram followers his latte art and avocado toast. It’s the most eloquent, artistic, photograph taken from a phone I’ve ever seen. There’s no fumbling to hold the phone one handed, or indecisive switching between filters. Just a quick snap and post.  That’s because, at a time when everyone is an amateur social media foodie photographer, Ben, is in his a world a professional.

His skill: making you feel like you need whatever he’s having. His title: Influencer.

Food is no longer just an energy source, it’s cool and if you’ve ever thought about how media is changing the way we eat, live, and interact you’ve come to the right place! Join me in my journey as I examine the impact of the digital age, specifically on the food industry, and the importance of integrated marketing campaigns to reach the customer.