About Me

Growing up I was the introverted extrovert. I was straight A student who purposely failed a test here and there to stay unnoticed but keep my cool. If I could stay under the radar I could live the socially awkward life I desired.


My mom is an artist and my dad, an entrepreneur, granting me the conflicting gift of being an OCD creative. I’ve played and excelled in learning many instruments, from the saxophone to my current long obsession with djing. In my early 20’s I would lock myself in my room studying Grand Master Flash while my friends were out doing keg stands. I graduated from the University of South Florida with my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, mastering the technique of getting through college taking tai chi and circus classes. Since then I’ve worked with many companies in the food and beverage industry, growing brands such as Red Bull, Keurig, and Sailor Jerry Rum to name a few.  It seems my obsession with all things weird has fallen into the perfect time of living in a generation that swims up stream. A career in marketing is more intriguing than ever in a world of million dollar selfies, bacon flavored vodka, hybrid mini fruit, farm to table then table to caveman, and butter spiked coffee. It’a crazy to imagine my OCD, weirdo obsessed, creative personality is the new hip. My name is Samantha and I am currently pursuing my masters in marketing at the University of Tampa. My dreams of building legos for a living, being a sand artist, or becoming famous taking pictures of toast around cat heads is now possible. Anything is possible! And this is why I love building and studying marketing campaigns.