7 foods to try in 2017 that will make you happy AF

In no particular order:

1. Harvest Dessert:

Served at Spot Dessert Bar in NYC.

2. The Phorrito:

Served at Komodo in Los Angeles.

3. Blooming Marshmallow Hot Chocolate:

Ok technically not a  dish but still made the list due to an uncontrollable obsession of watching these marshmallow videos over and over again.

Served at Dominique Ansel Bakery Japan.

4. Gold Pizza:

Served at Industry Kitchen in NYC for $2,000.

5. RainDrop Cake:

Created by Darren Wong.

6. Handmade Soup Dumplings:

Served at Yaso Tangbao in NYC.

7. Marshmallow Taco:

Served at Squish Marshmallows in NYC.

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