Restaurants That Flat Out Ban Trump

A sign hangs outside a restaurant in Fort Greene, Brooklyn reading, “This is a toupe free zone” with a picture of Donald Trump clearly stating that Donald Trump is banned from the restaurant.


As things continue to heat up in the election so do things in the restaurant industry, but not solely in the kitchen.


Many business owners try to separate work from politics but several think it’s important to take a stance. Restaurant owners like Cleveland’s Michael Symon, Greg Martin of Minneapolis’ Urban Bean Coffee, and Jeff Ruby of Jeff Ruby Steakhouse in Louisville, Kentucky, have all banned Donald Trump from eating at their venues.

Ruby eventually revoked his Trump ban after receiving a death threat from Trump supporters.

While the ban is technically legal but also morally questionable, the social media community is showing the effects of the political division through posts and comments.


The Chew co-host and Food Network fixture declared Trump won’t be welcome at any of his establishments, CBS Cleveland reports.”There’s not a chance I’d let him into one of my restaurants,” Symon said after being asked how he’d handle Trump showing up at the recently opened Mabel’s BBQ.


Urban Bean Coffee’s official Facebook and Instagram accounts received lots of attention for their outspoken political stance. Both visitors and account moderators have left posts noting their opinions with positive and negative comments regarding the ban. Attention towards the coffee shop continues and Urban Bean instructed [Trump] supporters not to like or follow the shop on social media. People continue to check out the cafe that had never heard of it prior to the political uproar. “Even bad publicity, in many cases, can be good publicity depending on how you deal with it,” Ellish said. But, just make sure you are posting and commenting on the correct business’s social media.


Regardless of your political opinion looking at Donald Trump while eating may be causing people to feel sick. A German restaurant in New York called Schnitzel Haus took down an autographed photo of Donald Trump after getting several yelp reviews stating the food was good but they felt uncomfortable. Apparently eating under a picture of Donald Trump isn’t an appetizing setting.


2 Stars? Ouch!


So, is political banter good for marketing? Should politics be built into a marketing campaign and is bad publicity good publicity? As we approach the final election I’ll live by the motto, “If you can’t stand the heat” and get out of the kitchen.





9 thoughts

  1. You did a good job of showing both sides, Trump being banned- which I personally think is awesome, but also that it is discrimination and that’s not cool….. that poor coffee shop in Orlando though! Feel bad for them! But they are now on the map…I would go buy a coffee from them… we have to put our money where our mouthes are…

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  2. Very good article. I think that it really is all in good fun. Everybody has their opinion on Trump, and using that will either connect you the the customer, or get them really mad. You defiantly need to make it subtle and would be good for a company to play with both sides.

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  3. This sort of thing makes me sad. It’s unfortunate how politics create such a division in our communities. Including political banter in your marketing efforts is definitely a risk. Everyone has their own opinions on the topic and most people are easily offended. Political opinions are very personal and I don’t think they belong in successful marketing efforts.

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  4. I agree with Hayden on political banter in marketing efforts is a risk for any business. Political is a controversial issue so marketer should be careful when launching it. On the other side, I think that this marketing technique could attract unwanted people’s attention to Trump, which made him more popular and widely spread (by using Hashtag).

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  5. I think that politics should stay out of marketing for restaurants. I am against Trump so this makes me happy. But what if a restaurant was this passionately against a candidate I supported? I would feel offended and hurt that I was being discriminated against. It’s degrading people who support Trump. I’m all for standing up for what you believe in but this alienates a lot of people and picks at opinions that already divide people.

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  6. I noticed you wrote this before the final election. Looks like things have gotten even more emotional or at least exposed as to prior. Who would have thought it would have gone this far? I am honestly extremely sad that he is our president. But people are extremely emotional about it so it’s better to separate politics and business unless your business doesn’t depend on it.

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  7. I knew we lived in a somewhat fucked up society. I was able to cope with that. Now it’s really fucked up! Politics should be separate. Albeit hard this time around. Becomes too polarizing and antagonistic. I just want to cook great food for some peaceful loving peeps.

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    1. I agree this time it’s more of a moral issue so it’s hard to incorporate as part of a marketing plan since people seem to be on two totally different ends of the spectrum. But that seems to always be the case with politics. This is why wars start! People need to try to get along and stay peaceful especially for a successful business. Perhaps it’s better to incorporate socially responsible programs such as charity, community involvement, etc. instead. That’s just my opinion of course.

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  8. Generally, I do not think it is a good idea to mix business and politics as a marketing tool. Think of the tens of millions of customers you are potentially alienating. I guess you need to consider whether the loyalty of the other half in terms of increased visits makes up for the millions of people that will never come.

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