10 Places to Gorge For FREE on your Birthday

Let’s Face it, getting older is rough and the glorification of “adulting” makes you long for the days of no responsibility and no worries.  But who says you shouldn’t be excited about saving some moolah and being treated like the rock star you are…or ummm, are still working to become! Especially when you’ve added some extra life miles on that magnificent body of yours.

Here’s a list of the top 10 free meals/drinks to gorge on for your Birthday:

Au Bon Pain: Free Birthday lunch with eclub membership


Firehouse Subs: Free medium sub with rewards club


GiGi’s Cupcakes: Free cupcake



IHOP: Free meal



Jamba Juice: Free smoothie or juice with membership program



Moe’s Southwest Grill: Free burrito with eWorld signup



Red Robin: Free burger with Red Robin Royalty Program



Starbucks: Free Birthday drink with rewards program



Subway: Free Birthday lunch with membership club



Olive Garden: Free Birthday dessert


Loyalty programs and Birthday specials can provide some great deals, especially when you  take advantage of them instead of leaving them at home like I do with all my coupons. With access to  rewards programs, apps, and online social media marketing, it’s becoming easier for businesses to connect with customers on a personal level. Realizing that a majority of adults and families dine out on their special day AND usually have multiple friends or family members that dine and drink with them, I think it’s safe to say that this is a mutually beneficial situation. Well, at least for the birthday star. Like 50 Cent would say, “Go shawty, It’s your Birthday“.

There you have it.  A big birthday box full of freebie marketing campaigns to take advantage of.  Will you be taking advantage of any of these? Do you think these are effective?

10 thoughts

  1. I love these types of freebie marketing campaigns. I just discovered a new one- Kendra Scott- gives you 50% off any one piece of jewelry during the month of your birthday. I’m not sure if it is a company-wide program, but the new store in Hyde Park offers it!

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  2. Thanks to your blog, I have known more places to consider on my birthday!!!
    Birthday freebie is an excellent way to make customers feel they are special in their day. It is a level of personalization customers are obsessed with, so the brands know how to take advantage of it in. The happier they are, the more money they willing to spend. Moreover, this is also a great chance to promote their brand when customers often bring their friends or cousin to join the birthday party.

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    1. I agree! I didn’t realize how many there are. I think I will just need to make a full day of it. Some companies however, allow you to redeem in your Bday month like Sephora. It is great marketing for the companies and I can see how they benefit. One time I went to redeem my Bday gift from Sephora and ended up spending $150 extra.

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  3. Great article, love the great down of the top 10. Using free goods in your marketing is such a good way to bring in both loyal and new customers. You end up spending much more then what is free, and it is likely that you will go there again, even though it will be full price.

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    1. By providing one free birthday item the restaurant benefits with family members and/or friends that join. AND, the fun of the freebies make me go to places I wouldn’t normally think of. It’s a great emotional connection to be treated special on your birthday! Thanks for the comment!

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    1. This is true! It’s the little things as we get older that make it more fun. This type of marketing draws me into thinking about going to places I never would normally go. By hey, it’s our birthday after all, so why not splurge on the calories!

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  4. I don’t know that I will be gorging on 10 meals for my birthday, but I think I’ll look for a breakfast, lunch and dinner from your list! I liked the “BuzzFeed” visual style of this blog post. Great work compiling all these goodies for us!

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