Doughnuts, Fro-yo, Craft Beer, Bacon, Oh My!

Whether you’ve collected food inspiration boards on Pinterest, used the hashtag #foodporn, or snapped a picture of food or drinks on social media, you are one of the many who refer to themselves as a “foodie”. According to a recent study done by the advertising giant BBDO, 50 percent of millennials refer to themselves as “foodies”. The definition of foodie according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary  is a person who enjoys and cares about food very much.  As technology advances, so does the growing desire to be connected, increasing the speed which we receive information and interact with one another.

During the 1920’s White Castle was one of the first fast food companies to be advertised in newspapers, and in the 1960’s food marketing increased in popularity with tv ads featuring the Quaker Oats Man and Ronald McDonald. I’ll warn you if you are the least bit frightened by clowns this commercial may send you over the edge. If so, I’ll spare you the angst by not imbedding it and let you check out the link :  First McDonalds Commercial . Major brands like Heinz, Pillsbury, and Campbell Soup rose in popularity through national advertising campaigns and brand symbolization like the Morton Salt’s umbrella girl.



Fast forward to today, the food and beverage industry has reached new heights and so has our obsession with food. The increasing popularity of social media and the influence of the digital age is changing the way we eat, live, and interact. There has been countless articles, books written, and research conducted as to why Millienals obsess over food. The theory is that people latch on to food to heighten the senses and bring us together. So, why and how has food culture changed? How does it affect the industry, health, and rapidly changing trends? Food is no longer just an energy source, it’s cool and as the marketplace evolves, the need to reach customers in new ways is essential in targeting these desires. So what comes first the voice of the brand or the influencer?


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  1. The speed in which we are receiving information and processing things is incredible. It’s crazy to think about all the changes we’ve seen in multiple industries. Love this!

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  2. Creativity written -fun read and great photos! Society has definetly evolved around food and will constantly morph in many directions for years to come, especially w the marketing aspect.

    I look forward to your next post!

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  3. Great article. I totally agree. Food is so imbedded into our lives, we center everything from birthdays to business deals to reuniting with old friends over food. This change has helped to develop the food trend and I feel supports the advertising and branding campaigns of food companies, especially companies in trends like donuts and craft beer.

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